Monday, October 31, 2011

Pregnancy cravings

I didn't have strong cravings last time around. I might have told Drew I was Really craving ice cream on a daily basis during the summer to get him to go get it for me- but really, who Wasn't craving ice cream. It was 95 degrees in Iowa in the middle of summer.

But this time? I have a lot of food aversions- things I absolutely Can't do, like meat, can't do meat. Or salads- which suck because I love salad.

So what have I been craving and eating? Bagels and cream cheese, or bagels with peanut butter or bagels with butter and orange marmalade. I eat 2-3 of those a day. And orange. Lots of orange juice.

But the weirdest craving of all? Ham and cheese hot pockets. Without the ham. I pick that out. So basically? Cheese hot pockets. Gross, fake, high in calories/fat and low in nutrition hot pockets. I eat these 2-3 times a day. Sick huh? The weird thing is I don't even enjoy them that much, I just hit a point in the day when I need to eat, because I'm starting to get dizzy/shaky/nauseous and the only thing that sounds remotely acceptable is a hot pocket. Definitely ready for That phase to be over.

Which might be sooner rather than later because yesterday I hit 14 weeks- and I haven't felt extremely nauseous since Saturday so Yaay!

I do need to start eating healthier now that I'm over most of the nausea- so if you have any healthy snacks/meals send them my way!


  1. Hmm, funny what your body craves when you're eating for 2, huh? I've been eating cottage cheese with sliced tomatoes and a little ground pepper :) and roasted cauliflower with garlic and olive oil, mmm. glad you're feeling better and have more of an appetite!

  2. I was like that too! I couldn't eat any types of meat, specifically chicken and I love chicken it's my favorite! Luckily once I hit 2nd trimester I was able to eat some chicken again. It was so hard trying to figure out what to eat during the first few weeks! Hopefully you start feeling better and are able to eat salads again :)

  3. I definitely had the bagel and cream cheese and OJ thing with my first. I literally lived off bagels for the whole first trimester. And then of course never wanted to even look at a bagel for at least a year! This time around peanut butter is a daily food. It's all about those high calorie foods...