Friday, October 28, 2011

I was so excited when I read that one of my new (ish) favorite blogs was going to be doing a a fall link up fest with a few other fabulous blogs.  I haven't joined in many of these link up things that I see all the time- but the few times I have I have found some great new blogs to read! If you haven't checked out Casey's blog yet- you absolutely MUST! She and her family are absolutely inspiring.

So for those of you who are joining from the blog hop, allow me to introduce myself!

I'm Darlene, 25 year old stay at home mamma to 4 year old Jasper. 

And this is Drew, aka baby daddy/hubbs/pappa. He works super hard in the finance/real estate investment world so I can stay home and raise our little.

And yes, he's a pretty big dork, and proud of it :)
Or I should say littles, because in April, Jasper will be a big brother! 

We are currently living and loving in a little bungalow in the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado! 
I say currently because we move kind of a lot. We have been in the area for the last few years, but we have no idea what the future holds for us- and I LOVE that! 

Besides my family,  my passion in life is traveling! I've lived through out the US, Sweden and even Indonesia- so I guess you could say it's in my blood! 

When Jasper was 18 months we studied abroad in Sweden for 7 months- and ever since then the travel bug has bitten the whole family and we are trying to figure out a way to move back to Europe for a few years.

Another passion of mine is cooking. Organic cooking to be more specific! Since it was my father's job as a world traveling chef, you could say that's in my blood too!

Spending the last few years in Colorado, my family is now convinced I've become somewhat of a 'hippie', with my organic food, all natural/organic cleaning supplies, juicing my own juice, and now with my latest adventure, preparing to cloth diaper our littlest when he/she makes her appearance! 

Some other hobbies and passions of mine, fashion, SHOES, anything dealing with Sweden (and Europe in general) babies, living simpler, the great OUTDOORS and raising our son bi-lingual. I'm about 85% fluent in Swedish (used to be my 'native language) and I'm determined to get it back and the boys are along that crazy journey with me!

If you decided to sick around- let me know so I can make sure you stop by your blog as well!!

And since this IS a 'fall fest' let's talk quickly about Halloween costumes.

I'll be the first to admit I''m not so much 'into' Halloween. Let's blame it on the fact that I grew up in Sweden, where halloween doesn't exist- and the first time I went trick or treating- was last year with Jasper. There is something about knocking on peoples door and expecting a treat that bothers me! But the things we do for our children...

This year, Jasper is determined to be Harry Potter (he also wants me to go as Hermione and Drew as Ron but that's another story) but I want to share some of his costumes from the past, because who doesn't like pictures of cute kids in costume?

Jasper ( and really My) first Halloween. We didn't do anything halloween related besides give out candy, it was bitter cold and he was only 2 months old, but who can resist a little pumpkin? 

 Halloween number 2- a bumblebee! I couldn't resist. I mean how often is your kid going to let you dress him up as a bumblebee? He was super confused by his friend in an elephant costume- so he was trying to rip it off. 

Third Halloween- a spider!! This one was probably my favorite- he would stand and shake his whole body so the arms would go flailing. So adorable. And I'm usually Not a fan of spiders!!

Which brings us to last year. And the first year he decided himself what he wanted to be. A pirate! But a very specific pirate- Pippi Longstocking's grandpa. Yep good luck finding That costume. So I improvised and made one- he was quite pleased with it and that's all that matters :)

And now I'm off to find the last piece missing for Jasper's Harry Potter costume- can't wait to find some great new blogs to read! 


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  1. Hi I am a new follower from FF! You have a beautiful family and congrats on your newest addition! My husband is in the military so I am hoping that this lifestyle will allow us to travel and see many different places as well! I have been to Denver but only to the airport so unfortunately I haven't gotten to see much of it but would love to visit there and go on a ski trip eventually! Love your blog :) Can't wait to read more!

  2. You have such a precious family! I think it is amazing that you have done so much traveling and want to continue that with your family and studying abroad with your son - sounded amazing! I would love to be able to take my daughter to different places so that she can see the world and learn about different cultures. So many valuable lessons and experiences come out of that! So wonderful!

    Congrats on the littlest of your littles :)

  3. Um your lil mister is tooooo dang cute!