Monday, October 24, 2011

You're gonna WHAT??

What's the crazy thing I'm going to do? Cloth diaper this bambino growing in my belly. If someone told me 3 years ago I was going to end up cloth diapering, I would have laughed in their face. Now? It sounds genius. 

I 'discovered' the cloth diapering world when Jasper was 25-26 months- but since he was fully potty trained by 27 months, it obviously didn't make much sense to start that up. 

But this time around we are totally doing it. Why?

I found a great list at giving a 10 list of WHY you should cloth diaper.

1. Your baby's comfort- would YOU like to wear stiff paper or plastic underwear 24/7? 

2.The Environment- disposables leave on average 2.7 TONS of non biodegradable waste- Yuck! 

3.Save money- on average you spend 2-3K to put a child through disposables. So if you plan on having 3 kids, you are looking at around 7-8 thousand dollars in diapers. That's CRAZY! To cloth diaper- it can cost anywhere from 300-800 (from statistics I've found) depending on what kind of diapers you use. And that will last through ALL of your kids- so you can spend on average $500 to cloth diaper 3 kids, or  7 thousand, huge difference!!

4. Potty training is easier, and happens early. For me it will be interesting to see if I think that changes since Jasper was super easy to potty train and happened at 27 months- which is pretty early for a boy since I see 4 year old boys running around in pull ups still.

5.Cotton diapers are gel free. The gel in disposables are known to cause diaper burns (like kids have gotten serious BURNS from their diaper!!) and it's also known to cause asthma- had NO idea of this when Jasper was in diapers. There's also dioxins in disposables.

6.Cloth diapers are much better looking. Heck yes they are- they are SO cute! 

7.More fun for mom. So far I can attest to this- I've been having lots of fun shopping for cloth diapers!!

8.Better cushioning for baby's bum.

9.Convenience. You will never have to make a midnight run out for diapers.

10.Being a leader is much better than being a follower.

Like I said this isn't MY list- but the factors that got me to want to CD is the environment factor, cost savings, cuteness, and all the crap in disposables.

After a lot of research, I've decided to try out several different brands that I've heard amazing things about.

Fuzzi Bunz

Bum Genius  and

Gro Via

I also bought 2 Australian made diapers from baby steals to try out. If you have any feedback on any other cloth diapers I would love the information!!

I'm not sure just how much cloth diapers will cost me in the long run-I know you can do it for a lot cheaper that what I'm doing (by buying used or prefolds) but neither of those seem to be for me. And money wasn't the biggest factor in choosing to cloth diaper. Either way I'm convinced I'll still save a ton of money since we plan to have more children.

So far I have bought 3 GroVia's from Guilt for $45- I think they are usually $25/piece and I got them for $15 each.

I bought 6 Fuzzi Bunz on Zulily for $13/piece and they are usually $20/piece. 

I just bought 6 Bum Genius from cotton babies- on sale AND it was buy 5 get one free- so I got all 6 for $88- so $14/piece instead of the usual $20. 

The two Australian diapers I bought were 40% off from baby steals- and I believe I bought them for $13.  So that brings us to 18 diapers for roughly $210. That might seem like a lot to some of you- but I can tell you I'm at Least half way done buying diapers- I will start off with disposables for the first few weeks because I know I'm not going to want to be dealing with all that extra laundry right off that bat but after that? I will be DONE buying diapers! Instead of spending $1000/year on disposables!! 

**Be sure to come back tonight- I should have an AWESOME give away up! Just need to snaps some pics once Jasper wakes up :) **


  1. I promised myself next go around I would try cloth diapering. I seriously think it's just better over all for a baby in the long run. I am excited to see how you do this your going to have to put up posts when you start.

  2. As you know, I don't have kids myself yet, but I will definitely be using cloth diapers! So excited to see how you like it and what you discover (likes/dislikes) Glad you shared this!

  3. Been reading for awhile, first time commentor though!

    I LOVE cloth diapering! I started cloth diapering my then 4 month old 6.5 months ago and havent looked back!

    Im a diaper party consultant with everything birth if you have any questions. I would be MORE then happy to help! My facebook is Diaper Parties by Vanessa and my email is Vanessa At