Monday, October 31, 2011

What do you do when your husband texts you at 3 PM *reminding you that it's his turn to host poker night at the house tonight after work and could I whip up something quick to have for the guys? **And I'm using the word remind loosely- he says he brought it up a few weeks ago, I have Zero recollection of this, but regardless, if a dozen work guys are coming to your house, more than a 3 hr notice would be GREAT**

Anyway so I panicked for a few seconds (that's all the time I had) surveyed the fridge to see what I could throw together- because running to the store wasn't really an option, I needed those precious house to straighten up and shower for the first time in 3..okay i think it was 4  day so sue me (I've been SICK.) I decided I could whip together a nacho dip and just have a little nacho station if Drew had time to stop by and pick up a few bags of tostinos (him doing that by the way made it so 2 guys I'd never met showed up before him. Slightly awkward.

So the nacho's seriously turned out amazing. Seriously delicious. So if you husband springs guy night on you, here's what you can throw together in a crock pot for a few hours

Big thing of a velveeta cheese (and the real reason I will NEVER go 100% organic)
smaller block of mexican velveeta cheese
A lb of ground beef with taco seasoning (already browned)
Large can of crushed tomatoes (mine had garlic in it) but you want to make sure to drain the liquid out
and some milk to thin the cheese out.

Sounds simple, and it is, but these guys were Raving about it. And That is success. These aren't just a bunch of frat guys that would eat anything either. They are mostly married, in their mid 30's and quite established in their career in the finance word- not sure why that matters, but when a bunch of guys in suits go up for 3rd helpings it feels better than when my brothers and his friends do.

I chopped up some lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, and peppers in different bowls- oh and I had salsa and sour cream to make a little nacho station.

The men were happy and full, hubbs was happy and Jasper and I also enjoyed this deliciousness.


  1. Yuuuum! I love nachos. This would also be a good Sunday football afternoon snack idea! :)

  2. omg that looks delicious I'm so going to be craving nachos now lol