Friday, October 7, 2011

Wedding/North Carolina and Reception

                                          Jasper and aunt Milla kayaking the day of her wedding
 One of my favorite things about the south- Dunkin Donuts!! Pink glazed? My Favorite. 
 Me and my donut. And trying to do my hair in North Carolina's humidity? Hot mess. 

 Jasper and my 100 %Italian grampa Joseppe. Two of my favorite people. 
 Wayne and I with our baby sister! 
 The whole group
 My mom ( second to the end L) with just part of the Bucca clan- sisters and their dad 
 We went to a Sweet aquarium- and this gator was going Crazy- seriously followed me back and forth- then started bashing it's head against the window. When I started to walk away it made this large growling sound for like 5 minutes- the worker said had worked there for 5 years and Never heard them make that sound in captivity- apparently it was his mating call? It was creepy. 
 Jasper's first time in the ocean, he loved it SO much! 

 Dance party on the dock after the wedding- Jasper wasn't too thrilled that his overprotective mamma made him dance in a life vest all night. 
 Jasper looking like such a little hipster! 
 Dancing all night at Aunt Milla's wedding reception

The little head table at the reception- the guy in the green shirt wasn't apart of it. And pregnant girl eating a pickle? How cliche. 

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  1. Looks like such a fun time! You look amazing and your sister made such a beautiful bride. Jasper was so adorable in his little outfit! That was so funny about the gator haha he musta really liked you. :)

    P.S- They don't have dunkin donuts near you??!