Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pregnancy Myth Number 1.

Wanna play a little game of Myth Busters? I have one. 

"The rise in hormones during pregnancy keeps you from loosing your hair" 

Uhm WRONG. At least if you are me. My hair shedding hasn't stopped or slowed down in the least. Oh you want proof? Okay, if you insist, but it's prettty gross. 

That hair came off my head just during my shower. That doesn't count the dozens and dozens of pieces of hair that comes off every time I run my hands through my hair and all the hair that comes off onto my brush when I brush my hair. So there ya have it- hair loss stopping is a pregnancy MYTH


  1. my hair falls out SO MUCHHHH! Seeing this picture makes me feel a little better about my own hair loss! lol! It's amazing, my hair is SO THIN I wonder how I can lose so freaking much! You have nice and luscious thick hair though =D=D Lucky! =p

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog! It's amazing to hear we have such similar upbringings and stories. I look forward to reading your blog!