Friday, March 18, 2011

What We Ate

I'm always running out of fun, healthy (ish) lunches for Jasper and I so I thought I would start posting some of the simple meals that we come up with.

We now only buy organic groceries so we eat all organic at home, but we will still indulge in the occasional McDonald's.

Monday I was at the doctors getting my strep confirmed and some meds so no lunch was made for jasper. Drew took him out to lunch and then brought me Panera broc. cheese soup. My absolute favorite.

Tuesday Jasper asked for pasta- so pasta w sauce and garlic bread made from italian bread.

Wednesday we made bagel sandwiches. One of our favorites. Cream cheese, sliced cheese ( i Refuse to eat 'american cheese' slices, those gross waxy things, so I buy a huge block of organic cheese and slice it myself) yellow pepper and cucumber. So delish.

Thursday is our little gym day. It's farther away now from where we live, about 30 min. but we are going to finish up the semester. Class is from 11:45 to 12:45 so I usually grab some Sonics for Jasper to eat in the car so he doesn't fall asleep in the car and comes home ready for a nap. We got Mcdonald's Thurs. instead of Sonics so Jasper (and mamma) could get shamrock shakes.

Friday for lunch we made quesadillas. We eat these at least once a week. So simple and easy and I can throw a bunch of veggies in there and feel better about eating all that cheese. I have a huge thing of spinach I bought to make a quiche so we are trying to so I threw some of that in for the first time, along with a yellow pepper and it was great! Jasper loved it as well.
I can't wait till the farmers market in our neighborhood opens so Jasper and I can walk there and get fresh fruits and veggies to add to our lunches!

Anyone have any simple, tasty and healthy lunch recipes?


  1. i always loved grabbing those falafel packs at whole foods (baked real quick in the oven) with the cucumber-yogurt tahini sauce for dipping! or pita pocket sandwhiches made with just some turkey, cream cheese and cucumbers or sprouts :D

  2. i LOVE pita pocket sandwiches! but I haven't tried the falafel! Looks like jasper and I are headed back to whole foods for the 4th time in 5 days!

  3. mmmm all of that looks really good! i am terrible at planning/making/eating healthy foods...i love them when i eat them, i just can never think of things! guess i better work on that for when Porter gets older!
    it would also help if i could just walk to a grocery store. i love evergreen, but you cant walk ANYWHERE. grrr. i'm trying to talk my bf into moving back to denver when we move out of this house...