Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm ready for 2011 to be done.

2011 has already brought international travel for me, has another european trip scheduled for this summer, will bring my sisters east coast wedding, so lots of traveling. Which I love. 2011 should be great right? Its brought us a move to a perfect area of Denver a block from work for drew. Also should make 2011 great. But 2011 has stolen both of my grandmothers from me. Exactly one week apart. So I'm done with 2011.


  1. You have a fabulous 2011 to go... Even though there have been some horribly tough patches... they'll make you stronger, and your Grandmothers would not want you to be "done" with 2011 so soon... :) Embrace all the great times ahead. Kram!

  2. lots of travelling for me too! london, new york, paris.... should be a fantastic year :)