Friday, March 18, 2011

Our St. Patty's day

I actually forgot it was St. Patricks day on Thursday when I woke up, probably because we did the parade thing and all last Sat. so I kinda thought it had come and gone. Also? St. Patricks day was NOT a big holiday in the Larsson family growing up. Why do you ask? Well because we were in SWEDEN. I'd never even heard of St. Patricks day till 4th grade when we moved to the US. My mom is American so I guess we could have celebrated it in Sweden if she had wanted us to. We celebrate Fourth of July there every year even though obviously the rest of Sweden was not. But my mom is Italian. My I have relatives with names Joseppe and Salvatore (grandpa and uncle) so St. Patty's day was obviously not a big deal in her household growing up either.

Anyway after seeing the dozens of tweets and FB updates I realized I better dress Jasper in green. I thought Jasper owned a TON of green, I mean he's a boy, but turns out I don't really like green. He had a total of 3 green shirts in there. I prefer him in blue's, grey's, blacks, even yellow (and he does own a pink and purple shirt or two as well (gasp)) but green? Not so much.

Anyway found him a green shirt and we headed out the door for a playdate at a library with some friends. It was story time and they did a cute leprechaun story and craft and the kids all got to hide the bags they made and hope a treasure was put in there during story time. And there was. All the other kids (consisted of kids 2-6ish) believed leprechauns had come during story time. My kid? Says " thanks for putting a surprise in my bag" to the lady as we leave. Guess she didn't fool him!

(hiding his bag for the leprechaun to put a treasure in, also I believe he's picking a wedgie here)

After story time we headed to Jasper's Little Gym class, where I proceeded to listen to the moms gossip about EVERYONE's kid in there. It was so freakin annoying. These ladies had to be close to 40 and they had nothing to do but talk shit? Sad.

 After Little Gym we ran to McDonald's to grab J some lunch ant a shamrock shake. Mamma might have stolen some of it. And it was delish.

I honestly don't know how I pulled together TWO green outfits this week. I wore the two green dresses I have, possibly the only two green things in my entire closet.

Boots Forever 21
Cardigan I Think Forever 21
Dress Vera Moda, Karlstad Sweden I bought 2 years ago It's super comfy, not sure why I haven't worn it in at least a year. Probably because I don't really like green.

As I was writing this I remember St. Patty's day from freshman year in college. It ended with Drew and I passing out in our friends parent's bedroom (they were away for spring break) and I woke up to Drew PEEING on me. Yep True story. 5 years later I married him.


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  2. here's my email...

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  3. Looks like y'all had a fun St. Patty's day : )
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  4. How is that milkshake? I saw the advertisement for it. I've been wanting to try it but wasn't sure...

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