Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Magic Pusses

Or Magic Kisses (Puss is Kiss in Swedish)

For a while we had this 'problem' where Jasper wants kissed all the time. I know that doesn't like a problem at all, and 99% of the time it isn't. There's nothing I love more than getting and giving kisses to Jasper. But it became a problem when it was time for a nap and he would be yelling from his room EVERY MINUTE saying " MOOOOOOOOM I wiped my pusses off, I need more" And this would go on every few minutes for 30-40 minutes before he finally fell asleep.

So I came up with a solution. Magic Pusses. Magic kisses start at the mouth and go counter clockwise, stopping every inch to give a puss. Magic pusses end with a puss on the nose. Then we test to see if the magic pusses wife off, they never do! They last for an entire nap time without ever wiping off. And at bed time we throw in some extra kisses so they last all night.

Jasper now goes to sleep faster, without feeling like mom won't come in to give him kisses when he asks for them.  Sometimes it's the little things that makes being a mom oh so magical.