Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our weekend in pictures

Thursday night Jasper and I met Drew at the Cherry Cricket to grab a burger and meet a friend of Drew's that we hadn't met. He's from Sweden so it was fun to just sit there and speak Swedish with someone. Bonus- their burgers were ranked 3rd in the nation for best burgers. So I ended up breaking my week and a half no meat streak and ordered a burger. They have a bunch of different random stuff you can put on burgers ( like peanut butter, sour cream, salsa, egg etc) I had mine with cream cheese and it was amaaaazing. Jasper also did surprisingly well even though it was past his bed time.

Our weekend started early on Friday because Drew was actually home by 545, instead of the usual 7 or 7:30. It's SO nice living 2 blocks from Drew's work!!

When Drew got home we took a walk to whole foods (also 2 blocks away) to get stuff to make a pizza.

Cheese, pepperoni and orange pepper! 
After J went to bed we had a nice relaxing moving evening.

Saturday we got up and got dressed quickly and headed downtown for the St. Patricks Day parade. I was actually surprised by the amount of drunk people by 9:30 AM.

We found a little cafe and grabbed some window seats because it was still pretty chilly so we enjoyed our coffee and bagels while waiting for the parade to start.
When the parade got to us we headed outside to watch. For the record I WAS wearing a green dress under the cardigan.  The parade was actually pretty long. I think over an hour? We were on the shaded side of the street so it was chilly. Luckily mamma had thought to brought a blanket ahead for Jasper.
After the parade the boys headed back to play at the park and nap and I headed for some much needed ALONE time. I went and got a pedicure and a manicure. I originally had asked a friend to come with, but she couldn't and as bad as it sounds, I'm glad. I enjoyed that alone time SO much. I just sat there sipping my starbucks and flipping through people magazines. It was Amazing. I ended up getting the 'spa' pedicure and it was over an hour long and included parafine hot wax, and a hot stone massage. Seriously amazing.

This morning we had such a fantastic morning we decided to decided to make it a tradition. After we woke up we just threw on some clothes and we were out of the house by 8:20 (and Jasper woke us up at 8) grabbed the wagon and walked to Starbucks for muffins and coffee (hot choc. for j man) we took our breakfast to go and headed to a nearby park. We spent all morning there. When the sun was fully out it ended feeling like a real spring morning. Making me want spring NOW.
I just had to wear sandals to show of my pretty red toes. Which by the way I was only going to get a pedicure, which is why I chose red. I absolutely Love red toes. I find them very feminine and sexy at the same time. If painting my fingernails I usually go with a darker color, but when I decided last minute to get a manicure also I went with red also so I wouldn't have two different colors going on. And you know what? I kind of love it. Actually I love it a lot.

After our morning at the park Drew and Jasper unpacked the rest of Jasper's room and I made us some delicious swedish sandwiches. What makes them Swedish? The Swedish tunnebrod (think bread) that my friends hooked me up with when I was there in Jan. They sent about 10 packages home with me that we immediately froze and have been tacking out a pack here or there trying to make it last as long as possible. We are sadly on to our second to last package and then we won't have any till July!

Doesn't that look delish? Cream cheese, topped with cheddar cheese, cucumber and orange pepper. With a side of Drew's grampa's pickles.

We enjoyed our lunch outside then it was nap time followed by more unpacking. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


  1. LOVE this post. everything about it! you are making me miss denver so much. I'm glad you could get out and do so many lovely things :D

  2. I love your boys longer hair. Now that mine is almost 20 he cut it all off and wears it short. I really wish he'd grow it back out. I'm a new follower from Mom Blog Monday.

  3. New follower here :)
    Great post!

  4. You have such a cute little family!