Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Top Two Tuesday: Random facts about you

I haven't participated in Taylor's top two in a while but I love this weeks topic so I had to join in.

1. I've lived in 19 different houses/condos in my 24.5 years of life. And what's crazy is that during those 19 moves I spent 9 years living in the same house. Meaning I really moved 18 times 14 years. I'll break it down for you skeptics. 19 moves. 4 states. three continents. 24 years.

1. Born in Florida.
2. Moved to the Virgin Islands when I was 2 months old.
3. Moved to South Carolina at around 12 months.
4. Moved back down to Florida 6 months later.
5. Moved to Stockholm, Sweden when I was 3.
6. Lived in a house for a year, moved to another house there for a year.
7. Moved to Ljusdal, Sweden where I would 'live' in the same house 7 years.
8. But during this time we went to Bali, Indonesia for 6 months.
9. Spent another year or so in Ljusdal- and then back to Bali, to a different house for another 6 months.
10. Moved to Perry, IA- would spend the rest of Elem. school- Jr. high and high school in this same country house. (My mom still lives in that house)
11. Moved 2 hours away to attend Univ. of Northern Iowa after graduation. 10th floor Dancer hall!
12. After a semester decided to move out to CO and wait to be accepted there. Lived w/ brother and sister in law in Boulder for this semester.
13. Moved to Denver to attend Denver University. 10 floor in a dorm again!
14. Found out during Christmas break that I was pregnant- we moved back to IA and moved back up to Cedar Falls to attend Univ. of Northern Iowa AGAIN. This time lived in married student housing. Though not married.
15. Spent the semester there then back to my moms for the summer. Jasper was born in August, and by September we were back out to Denver (though in the suburbs this time) for Drew to start the fall semester.
16. Lived there for 15 months- then moved to an apartment in Karlstad, Sweden. There for a semester- 7 months.
17. Rented a house in the Denver suburbs again after we got back from Sweden.
18. Lived there for 8 months- then our landlords daughter had to move out of her fiances house because he tried to kill her, so she needed to move into the house. Since I knew her and was sort of friends with her we agreed to move out before our lease was up. So back to a condo for a year.
19. Brings me to Now. Renting a teeny house in Denver.

I have no doubt we will be moving again in a year. To something bigger. And after that? HOpefully an international move again. You could say that I've gotten good at packing/unpacking.

Number 2.
I'm the middle child of 5 but don't think I have a middle child personality.

*Throwing an extra in there. Every male in my family are in the food business. My dad is an executive chef who travels the world a LOT- I'm used to getting emails saying "Just leaving for Turkey" or "At the Rome airport" etc. Kind of jealous. And by kind of I mean Really.

My oldest brother went to culinary school in Boulder and spent the last part of school cooking in France. Again, jealous. He is now a sous chef.

Other older brother also a cook. And now it's looking like my youngest brother also has a talent for cooking as well. He has been working with my brother on weekends and now that he's graduating he is considering going to work in Norway with my dad doing some cooking.

My sister and I are the only ones in the fam that aren't amazing chefs.


  1. Your dad's job sounds sweet!!!

  2. Wow! That is a lot of moving. Just stopping by from Top Two Tuesday to say hello. Have a great week!

  3. wow so much moving, I've moved once in my whole life.
    Thanks for popping over to my blog.