Friday, March 25, 2011

What We Ate + Weekly Organic Meal

I used to post organic meals, and I figured now was a good time to bring them back.

I used I would say 90% organic ingredients for all meals, so from time to time there might be an ingredient that isn't organic.

 From this week you can probably tell we are big fans of Italian food in this house. Could be from my Italian grandparents? When I was pregnant I had to eat macaroni with butter, parmesan cheese and pepper almost Every day. For some odd reason Jasper has developed the love of this simple dish as well. We like to throw in some organic cherry tomatoes as well or sometimes fried zuccini- SO delish. Added in some buttered croissants with cheese.

 Pizza. With Veggies and pepperoni Enough said.

Lately Jasper and I have been making fresh fruit smoothies almost every morning. It's SUCH a great way to start off the day! But Wed. morning we got busy and I never made us our smoothies so Jasper asked for it for lunch. NO problem!  Along with the blueberry/banana/raspberry smoothie we also had apple sauce, carrots, cucumber slices, warm pita, hummus and pita chips.

Anyone have some simple, healthy, easy lunch tips?

And now for the Weekly Organic Meal

I saw a recipe similar to this a while ago, and threw this together Wednesday night. And trust me. It was Orgasmic. Everyone needs to go and  TRY THIS.

Cherry Tomatoes
Borsin Cheese
Parmesan Cheese

Boil pasta
Towards the end add in the asparagus for about 2 min.

While Pasta is boiling- throw in chopped up garlic in some oil and saute it.

After pasta and asparagus is done, drain and put into garlic. Keep on heat for a few minutes mixing the garlic, pasta, and asparagus. Add in borsin, parmesan and tomatoes. Keep stirring for a minute on heat.

After I had plated the food I decided to throw some more borsin cheese on because it's SO FREAKIN GOOD!


Needless to say Everyone asked for seconds of this.


  1. wow that last pasta dish looks soooo good I think I will def have to try it! What is borsin cheese I've never heard of it?

  2. Thank you for being my 900th follower. I have returned the love.

    That pasta does look amazing, do tell what borsin cheese is!

  3. Hi there, I stumbled across your blog today and came across this recipe. It sounds so good, I am totally making it for dinner one night this week. Cute blog, looking forward to reading more :)

  4. yum! i made henry his first smoothie this morning and he LOVED it!

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