Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stuff My Kid Says

My kid says crazy things. I'd love to hear what yours say!

This happened last week as Jasper's karate class. 

Cute 5 year old girl walks in, new to class, wearing a tutu and tennis shoes. Adorable. 

Jasper says loudly: Mamma, that little girl (she was about 4 inches taller than him) is preeeeetty.

Mother of the little girl: Aw that's sweet, say thank you.

Jasper thinking the mom was thanking him replies

No, not you. The little girl is pretty. Not the mamma. 

Me? Horrified. Uhm..Jasper, that's not very nice to say. 

The other mom? Laughing hysterically. ' Oh its okay, no filter at this age' 

I can't even be mad at him, he was just being honest. He was clarifying to the mom that he was calling her daughter pretty, and not her. 


  1. Hehe. No filter is right! Cooper tells me "good job cleaning my butt, mom" after diaper changes. Ha! Cracks me up everytime!

  2. lol. My daughter told a man he was stinky.
    I didn't know where to look.

  3. Lol, my daughter is only 23 months but a big talker for her age. Her latest is that she will tell on her self if she does something bad at daycare. Last week she got a timeout and though it was funny (I don't really think she gets it yet).

  4. haha that's awesome, cracked me up :)