Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

Wish List Wednesday...

1. A HOUSE! Here (Colorado) or in Iowa- wherever we decide to stay after our lease is up in March. Doesnt have to be anything huge or fancy- in fact I prefer more simple houses- but I do want an open floorplan and at least 3 bedrooms, preferably 4. And a fenced in back yard- the fence has to be 6 feet.

2. Finish one of my four college degrees I have started- Political Science, Business, Communcation and most recently- Early Childhood Education.

3. A summer house in Sweden- this is why I dont need my house in the states to be super big or fance, because Im going to have TWO houses :)

4. Unlimited airplane rides back and forth to Sweden to see all of my amazing friends and family over there whenever I want.

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