Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Best. Movie. Ever.

Know what movie I'm talking about? I'll give you a vampires, ripped werewolves...if you have been living under a rock its Eclipse! And yes- I'm one of those girls- the ones obsessed with this love story. And NO thats not where I got the name Jasper- I had never even heard of Twilight until Jasper was a year old.

A few friends and I went out for drinks before going to the midnight showing. We got into the theater at 9:50 and still werent even able to get seats for all 5 of us in the 2nd section of the theater- but at least we were in the last row of the first section. I wont spoil it for those of you who are planning on seeing it. One word to some it up? A M A Z I N G. It was almost everything I hoped it would be. And that's saying a LOT.

Of course today I'm rediculously tired since I didn't get home till 3:30 and had to be up at 6 to take Drew to the airport. Me and 2.5 hrs of sleep do NOT get along. BUt it was still sooo worth it.


  1. I am sooo jealous that you have already seen it!! Im still trying to figure out when I will make it to the theater :( glad it was amazing though!