Monday, June 28, 2010

Jasper's Birth Story Part Two

So after jumping up to 9 the nurse MISTAKENLY told you " You are going to see your baby boy within an hour" By then the epidural had worn off and actually came out I guess? Mass confusion at this point so I don't get exactly what happened but I remember asking for another and they said there was no time- it was time to push and he would be here in a few minutes.
I thought okay I dont need it if I'm going to see my baby boy soon. Soon did not come soon enough.

The next few hours are a bit of a blur. I started pushing at about 10-10:15 AM. The doctor showed up by 11:30.The doctor than said he could see the hair and if I wanted to know what color- I said as long as it wasn't red I would keep going (Drew's kind of a red head) they said it was very dark. I kept going. By 1 they were calling up for blood because I was loosing so much. Then they got concerned for baby and started talking about possible C-Section. I was border line blacking out at this point- I guess from the combination of pain and extreme lack of blood and not freaking eating for over 24 hrs! And lets face it my 'last meal' I was too nervous to eat so really it had been like 36 hrs since I'd had any food. They decided to try the forceps and said if he wasnt out in 10 they were going to have to do a c-section. If I had been able to talk I know my words would have been " DO THE DAMN C-SECTION" Especially if I would have known what was to come. The forceps. I thought I had experienced pain for the past 14 hrs but that was all NOTHING compared to the forceps. Imagine EXTREMELY LARGE salad tons. Inside you. Thats when I really blacked out. I don't remember hearing a baby cry- but then they laid my baby boy on top of my chest. My first thought was Wow he's huge. I just gave birth to a 13 lb baby- no wonder he wouldn't come out. When they took him away to way him and yelled out 8 lbs 10 ounces I thought no freakin way- that kid weighs way more than that. I guess because I was so weak from everything but it seriously felt like they dropped a dozen bricks on my chest. They quickly took him away and I had told Drew to go with the baby after birth and that I would be fine. Nobody tells you about afterwords and that your job is STILL not done.

After Drew and Jasper left I was alone in there for almost an hour being stitched up (too many stitches to count apparently) and also having the doctor root around inside of me for my placenta. Sound pleasant? Apparently it ripped apart (where a lot of the bleeding came from) so I had a hand inside of me after giving birth to a near 9 lb baby. It gets even better. They had to give me a shot in my leg to stop the hemorrhaging with the possible, but uncommon, side effects of vomiting and diarrhea. I was fortunate enough to be apart of that small percentage so minutes after being stitched up I got to simulatenously throw up into a bag while having a bowl placed underneath me. Looovveellyy. No baby book or class ever told me that. Finally when nothing was left inside of me to come out anywhere I was told if I didn't go pee I'd have to have a catheter. I lied. I was then transferred to the mom and baby floor where I could finally after about 2 hours see my big, beautiful, baby boy.

And there it is- Jasper's birth story. I was reccomended I have a c-section next time around, and I fully intend to go that route if thats what it takes next time. My birth story seems to scare people from wanting to have kids- but even after all of that (and the months of pain afterwards) I would do it again in a heart beat. Jasper is my world.

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