Monday, June 28, 2010

Jasper's Birth Story (almost 3 years later..) Warning: Might not want to read if expecting a child..Part one.

I so wish I had been blogging when I was pregnant and had a newborn- but I did write in a journal from time to time! Reading everyone's birth stories always makes me wish I had written here it is.

Jasper was apparently quite comfortable in my belly because he was showing NO signs of coming out. At my last doctors appointment 6 days after his due date I was not dilated even after 'having my membrane stripped' the previous week. So they did it again. ANd MAAAN did that hurt- I seriously think that hurt even worse than labor( which was no picnic) I was in tears- but I thought for sure now something would happen. NOPE. So the next evening (August 2nd) they scheduled me to come in and be induced. 4 days after my 21st birthday.

We arrived at the hospital at about 6 PM and they set me up in my room. The nurse again tried to strip my membranes. After googling this it said not to do it if you aren't dilated because IT WILL CAUSE INTENSE PAIN- and still nothing. So she inserted something up in me- dont ask me what because I honestly have no clue. That was supposed to start inducing labor. She said the doctor had ordered for me to take two sleeping pills guaranteed to knock me out so I could wake up and have a baby..Sound a little to good to be true? Oh it was. So I took the pills and decided to read the last 50 pgs or so of the final Harry Potter book that had just come out the week before. So I read the book and fell asleep. I need to mention here that I was starving at this point because for some reason they had said not to eat after noon. I thought they would feed me there but I wasnt allowed anything but ice chips for the next 30 hrs.

After sleeping for about 20 minutues I woke up suddenly. I should mention here that I don't do well with medicine-I mean a teaspoon of nyquil will knock me out for 12 hrs at least- my mom had warned Drew about this and asked me to try to keep medicine away from me, but it didnt really happen.So I woke up and started yelling( I say talk sternly, drew says yell) at Drew to get Dumbledore, Snape and Harry Potter out of my room. Obviously he was confused- and tried reasoning with me and telling me they werent there. Which made me furious. Here I am about to deliver his child and he can't even make sure to keep creepy Snape out of the delivery room. Obviously they weren't in there and I was hallucinating. I can still picture it so clearly- they were standing at the edge of my bed, Dumbledore stroking his beard, Harry looking nervous and Snape staring at me with his beady eyes. After trying to convince me they weren't there Drew went off to find the nurse. As they walk in the door I reach for the garbage can next to my bed and begin to vomit. Sweet huh? I spend the first 3 months throwing everything up, I guess it was only fitting to spend the last few hours of being pregnant the same way. At least I wasn't seeing Snape anymore.

I spent the next two hours throwing up everything, and eating ice chips. Sounds annoyed me. Silence annoyed me. TV- Music was definitely Not happening. Drew annoyed me the most. Poor guy. Except you don't get to feel sorry for him. After that I was able to fall asleep for maybe 20 min. and then woke up with incredible back pain. The only way I can describe it is that it felt like someone was taking a sledgehammer to my tail bone over and over. Probably doesn't help that I broke my tail bone about 4 yrs previously and it never healed right and sitting still for more than an hour is painful.. This went on for hours. Miserable. Around 1 am I was talking to a nurse wondering when labor was going to start and she said " Hunny you have been in labor for hours- what did you think that back pain was?" It seriously never even occurred to me that I was in labor. I'm going to blame that on the drugs that were still in my system from the sleeping pills. Plus you don't hear about back labor that often- but from what I have heard from others that have had both back labor and regular labor(for lack of better term) back labor is a lot worse- yay me.

At 6 AM the anaesthesiologist. The doctor on call had just gotten in the room as well. He said he was there to give me my epidural- I replied that I hadn't asked for one yet and the doctor looked at me and said " I called him. I think you are going to want that now" He got no argument from here- I had been in excrutiating pain for 8 hours- was going on 40 min. of sleep in 48 hrs (ofcourse couldnt sleep the night before being admitted since I KNEW I was going to be admitted) and was ready. He left to go get the stuff I assume- and the doctor pulled out a hook thingy and said it was time to break my water. Literally right as soon as I saw the needle I felt waster running down my legs. " Uhm..either I just peed my pants or my water broke" The doctor said he had never seen anyones water break right in front of him as he he was about to do it. I'm guessing Jasper didn't like the idea of that huge needle going up there any more than I did. Unfortunately he did that anyway since it didnt all gush out- just trickle. Which is why I seriously had just peed my pants in front of the cute doctor.

After the epidural came like 3 hours of bliss. I was able to call my mom and tell her they could come to the hospital if they wanted- and when they got there 45 min. later we just all hung out in my room for a while talking. It was Drew, my mom, my moms boyfriend of 7 yrs, my younger sis and younger brother. Then Drews mom, dad and younger brother showed up. Thats about when the epidural started wearing off and the Real pain began. They had started me on pitocin to speed things along since I was still only like 3 cm dilated. I went from 3 to 9 in about an hr- which from what I hear is not exactly normal. After that I kicked everyone (except for Drew) out and didn't see them till after Jasper was born.

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