Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This mamma IS going to tone up.

The first year after having Jasper I did absolutely NOTHING to lose the 35 lbs I gained while pregnant. In fact after getting the shot 6 weeks after birth I'm convinced I started to gain weight instead of lose it- but we will never know because I stayed VERRYY far away from scales. When we spent 6 months in Sweden from Jan 09- till July 09 I still wasnt working out- but living in downtown Karlstad, Sweden and our main mode of transportation being my own two legs I started to shed the weight and thats even with eating everything in sight, because lets face it, I was on a 6 month vacation in the land of cheese and amazing candy so ofcourse I did. I came back still about 20 lbs heavier than my pre preggo weight so I got a gym membership. I worked out 2-3 times a week for a few months and started getting compliments from those around me which inspired me even more! Buuut than I started nannying full time and going to the gym is now impossible during the week. So I did start some pilates and was seeing results and then got lazy.

Whats my new inspiration? Other than having 4 pools within walking distance? Possible vegas trip in July (more on that later) and a strapless beautiful gown for our october wedding. I am still 10ish lbs heavier- but I used to be super tiny and thats not the goal anymore. Plus if I lost ten more I'd lose by boobs- and those I never used to have and would rather keep. So its going to be pilates and some weight lifting for me. Sooo today since the weather is kinda crappy and def. not a pool day I'm going to make the one mile walk to target to buy some weights and then do some of that during nap time. That plus pushing 50 lbs plus of double stroller weight will be enough for me today!

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