Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pool + Sun= Super long Nap

Ever since our pools opened up we have been going pretty much every morning that the sun it out- which in Sunny Colorado seems to be about 5 mornings a week. And NO complaints here! We usually go right when they open at 10 and stay till about 12- but today we had some friends meet us there and we ordered pizza and had it delivered to the pool. So since we didnt have to get back for lunch we stayed till 12:45 and Riley (the boy 10 month old boy I nanny for) slept from 12:45 till wait for it......4:30!!! Just call me the baby whisperer (his parents do!) And Jasper slept from 1- 3:45!! Almost a 3 hr nap for a soon to be 3 year old. 3 hours to myself and I barely knew what to do with myself! Soo ofcourse I sat back with an ice cold pepsi and my latest book- Stieg Larssons final book in his trilogy- Girl who kicked the hornets nest. Suuuper good.

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