Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our weekend

This was the first weekend months probably that we had the whole weekend off. By we I ofcourse mean Drew- since I have every weekend off. It was nice to have a relaxing weekend before Drew starts his job on Monday. It's a great job but is going to mean a lot of hours.

Saturday morning Drew needed to get a suit altered so we went to a mall about 40 min. away instead of the one right next door. I had only been to this mall once and that was years ago. So while Drew was doing his suit stuff Jasper and I walked through some of the outlet stores while sipping on a white hot mocha- me and pomegranate plum juice-for J. Then we met up with Drew and walked around the mall- which is HUUUGE. I ended up getting three dresses- one from American Eagle which used to be my fav but not so much the last couple of years. The other two dresses are from Papaya- a store I had heard of but never been to one. I have to say i Loooove it. It was hard to only buy those two dresses!

Today we met my sis in law and niece Annika for brunch at the Buff in Boulder- which is amazing. She was in town from Iowa for the weekend so it was really great to see them. Tody we have just been getting stuff done around the apartment and today we will be folding about 9 loads of laundry, watching a movie and eating pizzzzaaa. Hope everyone's weekend was fabulous!

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