Monday, June 28, 2010

One of those Amazing weekends

We seriously had one of those Perfect weekends. Perfect weather. Amazing food. Well behaved toddler. Fun activities. MAMMA ALONE TIME! I don't think it gets any better than that.

Saturday the day started off with iced coffee--i think every day that starts off with a white chocolate mocha on ice is bound to amazing. After Starbucks we head up to Estes Park (about a 45 min drive from us) for the yearly Swedish Midsummer Festival. Last year we were in Sweden for Midsummer, but the year before we went and always have SO much fun! There is amazing food, swedish songs and dancing around the midsummer pole, swedish crafts/booths and people speaking swedish everywhere! For me it doesn't get much better than that since I don't get to hear Swedish being spoken that often. Brings me back to my childhood! Jasper found a little Pippi doll(hes obsessed!) and so ofcourse we had to get that for him- and I found a cute blue Valkommen(welcome) sign to add to our ever growing Swedish collection.

While dancing with a little girl who was speaking Swedish I got to talking with the mom and realized they go to our Swedish school ( I thought the mom looked familiar but last time I saw her she was very pregnant and has since had another baby girl) and Riley(the girl) will be in Jaspers swedish class in the fall! They are only 3 days apart in age so that was fun!

After grabbing lunch and heading down the mountain it was time for J to take a nap and ME to go to my make up consulting appointment. My friend had convinced me to go with her so I was really just there for support- but ended up getting a makeover at the Laura Mercier counter. I ended up buying the tinted moisturizer and some blush so I will do a review on those once I have messed around with it a bit.

Drew and Jasper than met me at the mall for Jaspers FIRST HAIRCUT EVER! We only took a couple of inches off the back so now its less mulletish- and still long and curly which I L O V E.

Theeen Mamma had a night out! Since our make up was all done we decided to go out in Denver with another friend and we did a trivia night at a bar- which we sucked at but had a ton of fun. I mean seriously, Star Trek vs. Star Wars was one of the categories..I'm not too bummed we failed that round Miserably.

Sunday morning I woke up slightly hungover but to perfect weather again. I grabbed an ice coffee to go from Starbucks again and headed to Denver for my brazilian bikini wax. I brought a friend along for her first time ever and she LOVED it- as I knew she would.

After that Drew and Jasper met me in Denver and we went and played in the river- which jasper Loved. Then we went to see where Daddy works since he just started a new job. We also looked at some new places where we might live. After 3 years (minus 6 months in Sweden) we might be leaving the suburbs for city life. I didnt know how I felt about it at first- but after being down there I think it might be an awesome idea.

Sunday night we grilled out- then Drew worked on a project for work while I watched Remember Me- with my love Robert Pattison. Swooon.

Faaaabulous weekend!


  1. Hi! I am stopping by from Top 2 Tuesday! I just became a follower of your blog as well! Cute pictures from your weekend! A Swedish Festival sounds like fun!!!

  2. Jasper is so freaking adorable.