Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I made the mistake of flipping to the Victoria's Secret Fashion show last night for a few minutes. Lets just say, seeing 'perfect' models strutting around half (okay 3/4) naked on a runway is not something a pregnant lady needs to see!

Regardless, I got sucked in for a few minutes. And it DID inspire me to maybe actually work out after baby girl is born. Or more realistically, a few months later. I never got into the working out thing after having Jasper. I shed the weight very slowly, never looking at a scale and eating whatever I wanted.
But it took forever. Like 2-3 years forever before I was finally 100% okay with my body. This time around it would be good to maybe not take 3 years!

So here's my inspiration. Maybe if I put it on here I will follow through. HA.

Don't worry I'm not dillusional enough to think I'll Actually looking like a Victoria's Secret model. Nor, do I really want to. I would gladly take the leg definition (even if mine are about 6 inches shorter) but I definitely don't need my stomach to look like that. I enjoy food way to much. But the legs? Yeah I'll gladly take those.

Now I'm off to stuff my pregnant face with a bagel with extra peanut butter. Cuz that's how I roll. 

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  1. Lol! I didn't even watch this year, but I do like all the pretty sparkly things. I too, love my food waaaaay too much. I actually read an article about how vigorous they have to work out and basically only drink protein shakes like a month before the show. Lame!