Sunday, November 6, 2011

Baby stuff

The packages have started rolling in.. Even thought I don't know yet what we are having (except Really I do, just hasn't been confirmed) I have started shopping. Buying things that I wouldn't mind a boy or girl wearing. If by some miracle we do end up with a boy- I would have Zero problem dressing her in a shirt with a truck on it. I see NOTHING wrong with it!

So far we have been stocking up on cloth diapers, and some Swedish hats and outfits from Polarn o Pyret- my absolute favorite baby store ever. Four days in a row I got packages delivered, and it felt like Christmas!

I can't wait to find out for sure next Thursday, so I can start going through Jasper's stuff that we kept- (we kept favorites, but got rid of a lot because I knew if I had another boy I would still shop so there was no point in keeping everything) so I can see exactly what we need so I can Really start shopping!

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