Thursday, December 1, 2011

My 4 year olds take on child birth.

Jasper "Mom, is it almost time for baby to come out?"

Me" No remember she has to get a lot bigger before she comes out"

Jasper "How will she GET out of your belly"

Me "Uhmm.. the doctors will help mommy get her out" Because Really how much does a 4 year old Really need to know.

Jasper "Well I think she uses her head"

Me " What do you mean uses her head"

Jasper " I think she uses her head to make your gina bigger. She pushes her head down and then your gina gets bigger and she can come out like potty does"

WHAT. Seriously. I'm positive he hasn't learned that from anyone/anywhere. I've heard most kids (like up to like 8-9 year olds) think the baby comes out of the belly (which some do, this one might) but to think that in depth and get pretty damn close? Little Albert Einstein me thinks?

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