Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Boy or to take a guess?

So tomorrow is the BIG DAY. The day we are supposed to find out if I'm growing a tiny penis inside of me or a vajajay. Kinda weird to think about it like that huh? 

So I know what I think it is, but do any of you care to take a guess?

With Jasper:
I started showing around 17 weeks
Threw up around 10-12 times a day for months 2 through 4 (but not much nausea) 
The morning sickness was the worst in the morning
Lost 15 lbs before I hit the 4th month (when i finally started gaining)
Craved bagels and orange juice, maccaroni w butter and baked potatoes. Didn't care for meat
Don't remember what his heart beat usually was
Only tired first tri- got amazing energy by 2nd tri

This time:
Started showing at like 10 weeks
Nauseous pretty much all day for weeks 5 through 14 but didn't throw up every day, more like every other, and never more than twice a day. Usually just once, at night.
Morning sickness started around noon and lasted all day- getting worse at night
By 12 weeks I'd lost 4 lbs, think now at 15 weeks I've gained back a couple of those
Craved bagels, OJ & hot pockets first tri. Now I'm all about bread and au gratin potatoes. YUM
Heart beat has consistently been 160
A few weeks in to the 2nd tri I'm still ridiculously exhausted

Some other facts:
I have 3 brothers and 1 sister

Drew is the oldest of 3 boys.
His dad is the oldest of 5 boys (he has 16 cousins- only 4 of them are girls)

So there it is. Think Jasper will have a baby brother or sister? We find out tomorrow evening!