Sunday, November 27, 2011

Just some random thoughts floating around right now

Christmas is LESS than a month away. And I have gotten ZERO percent of our Christmas shopping done. No bueno.

I might have gone just a tad bit crazy shopping for baby girl clothes this week at the Carter's outlet mall and at GAP on black Friday. But at 50-60% off how could I not?

Turns out, I'm kind of a hockey fan. I've always said hockey and soccer were the only two sports I don't mind watching. I grew up watching them and even playing them while in Sweden (those are the 2 big sports there) and going to DU hockey games while we were there, but again I'm not a Huge fan of either. UNTIL we went to the Avalanche game on Wednesday. I was on the edge of my seat the ENTIRE time! Then last night another Aves game was on TV and I actually watched the entire thing. I was commenting, asking questions, etc. Drew looked at me, smiling and said " Who ARE you" Needless to say he's excited to have found a sport I will willingly watch with me.

Our friends from Sweden brought SO many of my favorite foods from Sweden, they know me WELL! Right now I've been eating tunne brod (thin bread) with cream cheese and cucumbers. Addicting.

They also brought  the cutest little outfits for baby girl. First outfits from Sweden!! They are my favorite clothes for ME so no doubt they will be my some of my favs for her as well!

Speaking of baby girl. She still has no name and is NOWHERE near having a name. We had like 3 boy names picked out,since ya know, we were POSITIVE she was a he. But now that she apparently is a SHE, we really need to get going on picking out a name!! It's proving to be Quit difficult! 

Okay that's it for now. And here's a baby update! 

How far along: 18 weeks
Size of Baby: Still says bell bepper? Maybe not much growing went on this week.
Total Weight Gain:I think 1 lb from last week- surprised not more with all the Swedish goodies our friends bought and thanksgiving! So that makes 4 or 5 lbs total.
Maternity Clothes: Some jeans, rest regular. 
Gender: Girl!!
Movement: YES! Every night around 10-11 she gets active. Drew got to feel her for the first time Wednesday night at the hockey game, looks like we have an Avalanche player on our hands! 
Sleep:Pretty good this week! 

What I miss: Nothing I can think of right now.
Cravings:Swedish candy that our friends brought
Symptoms: Out of breath very often, and dizzy. And some uncomfortable pressure going on- but they said it was just ligament something or other. Going to get a maternity belt and see if that helps
What I’m looking forward to: Another ultrasound on the 13th! Christmas shopping and decorating until then! 

No belly pic this week- but I'll try to snap one tomorrow so you can see just how big this belly is getting! Massive I tell ya.

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