Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's begun

The Girl Shopping, that is. I can see this is going to get dangerous!! But after almost 5 years of buying little boy clothes- it's fun to change it up! 

So far I've found some adorable vintage dresses and rompers on etsy, and on Saturday I was one of those crazies who got to target before it opened to check out Gwen Stefani's kid's line.

I was NOT disappointed and baby girl definitely got some sweet outfits out if it

Have any favorite places to shop for a little girl? Send them my way!! 


  1. Girls are SOOOOOOO much fun to shop for and sadly they make you broke. LOL. The bows, shoes, clothes, accessories... Oh My!

  2. some great places to shop for a little girl are zara, h&m, baby gap, target, shabby apple, even etsy!

    can't wait to see all of your outfits you pick out :)


  3. Grils can make you broke because it's endless on what they can wear/what you can buy for them. They can tomboy it up or girly girl out! I went to check out the GS collection too! I got Sae the tutu and knee socks. so freakin cute!

  4. Soo cute! I love them. Target is my fave place too. Zara kids and 77kids are really cute too

  5. Pumpkin Patch!! Omg I love their girl stuff. I was so spoiled living in CA because I could go to the store whenever I wanted. Sadly they don't have a store in CO. http://www.pumpkinpatchusa.com

    Check them out next week. Last year they had a killer black friday sale!