Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's been a BUSY week!

Our visitors (and BFF's) from Sweden arrived Monday morning ( 20 hrs delayed because of fog in London) and left this morning for 2 weeks in Mexico before heading back to Sweden, so we have had such a fun and busy week! Like most of the time when I'm super busy and having such an amazing time I forget to take pictures- so all I have are a few grainy cell phone pics of our amazing time.

Monday night we ate at the Cherry Cricket (I even had my first meat in months, their cheeseburgers are just That good that even pregnant me wanted the meat) and then Sofie and I headed to FINALLY see Breaking Dawn! It was JUST as good as I thought it would be if not better and I will definitely be seeing it again in the theaters!

Sofie wanted a picture with the popcorn- the Swedes can never get over how much Bigger everything is here- so it was picture worthy.

Tuesday Jasper had preschool in the morning so during that I took them to try a Venetian Cream at my favorite local coffee shop and show them around Wash Park.

Tuesday evening Drew had some guys over for poker night- and Sofie and I played too! It was actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be. The four of us (Henrik, Sofie, Drew and I) ended up having our own little poker night twice again while they were here, and Sofie and I were the last 2 in and then I ended up winning $30! Woohoo)

Wednesday we all went to an Avalanche game which was even WAY more fun than I thought it would be! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! Drew is super excited- he's finally found a sport (besides Jasper's soccer games) that I actually Really enjoy watching! We are even going to have the game playing tonight while we decorate our Christmas tree :)

We also did some major outlet shopping and black friday shopping while while they were here- lets just say baby girl got some Major deals. 

For Thanksgiving we cooked most the day and ate all night. We had some friends here and it couldn't have been a greater day! Hope all of your Thanksgivings were really special as well!!


We were joking who between the three of us looks 'farthest along'- Drew wins here but too be fair he was pushing out (after eating our HUGE thanksgiving dinner) and I most definitely was NOT pushing my belly out. 


  1. haha! that last picture is hysterical. i love that you had salad with your dinner ;) glad you could spend some time with good friends for the holiday and that your appetite is back to normal! love the cricket :D happy weekend!

  2. I also loved breaking dawn! I definitely want to see it again and can't wait for the next one. Looks like you had a great week! We went to cherry cricket once and I got so sick after eating there, i'll never go again.

  3. Ahhh hockey is THE BEST SPORT EVERRR! so much fun to watch! it's so exciting- there's always something going on :) love it too!

  4. THAT last pic is awesome! Hope you are feeling well my friend. xo