Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fact or Myth: Daughter will steal your beauty during pregnancy


I've never had bad skin. My skin definitely wasn't perfect when I was pregnant with Jasper. But this time around? Oh she's stealing my 'beauty' for sure.

Exhibit A.

 Exhibit B.
Exhibit C.
You can't even see the worst of it. The little red bumps I've had on my forehead for the last 6 weeks- Not fun! But go ahead daughter, steal my beauty, you are totally worth it! 

Even though she is worth it, my good friend Jessica decided to come to my rescue to try to come up with a solution. She has tried every cream/lotion/cleanser/toner that's been sold and sent me over some stuff to try out.

So hopefully soon I can show you an 'after' picture of my cleared up skin :) 

Anyone have any skin advice? Advice on how to get rid of little red fore head bumps??


  1. Eeeek. I know the feeling. And I would recommend drinking lots of water. Also, fresh tomatoes are great for clearing up skin.

  2. This is SO true!! When I was prego with my daughter I had the worst acne. I had 0 with my son...