Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sweden part 3 : Gotland

We left Ljusdal on Monday night (4th of July, totally didn't feel like it of course) and drove 4.5 hours south to where we were going to get on a ferry to take us to the island of Gotland. We got to the harbor at 5 AM and the boat wasn't leaving till 7:30- so while Sofie and Henrik decided to take naps in the car Drew I got out and walked around. We sat on the dock and picked out our 'dream boats'. I wish I had picture of the harbor town because it was pretty magical on this misty morning- but it was drizzling so it stayed in the car. 
Sofie and I on the 3 hour ferry- we had been awake for 24 hours at this time. 
After we got to Gotland we went to our campsite- set up the double tent and hit the beach. The boys left us for 3 hours while they scoped out a place for lunch- and explored the area...we fell asleep on the beach. 

 And I got burnt. Well we both did. But I NEVER get burnt. Like ever ever. So now I sympathize with those of you who do burn- because the next few days were kind of painful and itchy. 

Notice the tag line hanging down...It's been almost 3 weeks and I still have that tag imprint on my back.

 After  a late lunch (Swedish pizza of course) it was time for mini golf.
 Dinner was grilled on one of these disposable grills- do we have those here in the states? If not someone needs to get on that stat. These were So handy! 
 Camping with Swedes is unlike any camping I've ever done- three different kinds of cheese, coffee and yogurt at the camp site? I could totally camp more often if it was like this. 
 Our second day in Gotland was spent sight seeing. And consuming a lot of redbull. 

 From our island we took a little boat (with the car) over to a tiny island to go see these 'viking rocks'. These rocks are thousands of years old. And looks kind of like a face? 

 We had stopped at a store to get picnic supplies- seriously best picnic EVER> 

 This sandwich has THREE different kind of cheeses on it. This cheese lover was in heaven. 

 These little stone walls were surrounding properties everywhere on this little island and I wanted to get out and get a picture of one of them. 
 After I took the picture of the wall I saw who owned the wall!! Larsson!! (My last name) so obviously a relative of mine. 

            I will have another Gotland update soon! 

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