Monday, July 18, 2011

Steppin out Saturday

Saturday I was planning on staying home and unpacking and cleaning (this place needs it badly, turns out the cleaning fairies did Not come and clean while I was gone for 3 weeks) but then a friend who recently moved into my neighborhood convinced me to come for drinks and meet her new roomie.

A quick drink turned in 4 hours and several glasses of wine, but it was a much needed relaxing girls night,

Dress: Story about this dress, bought it on the island of Gotland, Sweden two weeks ago- this isn't something I would have picked out for myself, but Drew saw it and wanted me to try it on so I did and actually like it a lot! Pretty sure it's the only orange piece of clothing that I own.

Belt: Belt, bought two weeks ago in Stockholm.

Shoes: Bought in Sweden 2 years ago.

Purse: I found this when going through stuff at my grandmother's, so also from Sweden.

Totally didn't realize till right now that Everything I wore this night was from Sweden.


  1. love your outfit. totally something i would wear. love the dress, the bag. awesome!

  2. Wow! I love that dress! Love how you put the whole look together!

  3. Love the dress and what you have paired with it!

  4. You look so pretty!! I seriously always have hair envy of you lol do you use curlers or is your hair naturally wavy please let me in on your secret! ;) Love the dress, too. I have a couple outfits that probably wouldn't have been something I picked out but after being talked into trying them on I'm so glad I did.