Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sweden part 2 : Halsingland

After staying out till after 3 AM I had to be up at 6 to catch my 7 AM train up North to Ljusdal, the town I grew up in where my besties still live. Also my uncle and cousins, and were my grandmother lived till she passed away in March. It was hard being back there for the first time since she passed away.

Drew joined me in Ljusdal, about 10 hours after I got there. We stayed with our friends Sofie and Henrik- and we had the great honor of being there for their WEDDING!

Weddings aren't nearly as common in Sweden. If a couple choose to get married, its usually till later on in life. After they have had a few kids and lived together for decades. Not Sofie and Henrik! They are 24 and 25, no kids- so all their friends/family found it slightly odd they were getting married. Regardless, this wedding was So much fun. The most fun I've had at any wedding!

                                                      Sweden has The best pizza. The end.
 This pizza has mashed potatoes and dressing on it!! I tried some- it was actually quite delish. 
 My old house! It was brand new when we moved in, so now 21 yrs later its looking a little run down- but this house and neighborhood brings back The best memories. 
 Childhood besties- the four of us grew up just houses away from each other. 
Beautiful bride and her handsome husband to bee walking down the isle together (tradition in Sweden instead of father walking bride down the isle.)

 These guys showed up and 'interrupted' their first dance- I had no clue who they were at first though it was obvious to everyone else- these guys were 'surprise guests'- and they are two comedians who have a popular tv show in Sweden. Kinda cool huh? 
 Neighborhood besties again. We have made it a pact to try to get together every year since we were reunited in 2009 and so far we are 3 for 3. Sweden in 09 several times while we were living there, they all came to our Oct. '10 wedding (Kerstin on the left sang a beautiful song in Swedish, and Sofie- the bride was a bridesmaid)  and this year in Sweden for Sofie's wedding! Hopefully 2012 brings us together again somewhere.

 Favorite thing at a Swedish wedding (besides the 7, yes 7, different alcohol 'courses'- they played several games!! Why don't we do this? SO much fun!!

 At one point the band started playing some irish jig and immediately everyone, and I mean Everyone, got up on the dance floor on a circle and started doing a clapping/foot stomping routine that everyone magically knew. It was like out of a movie. 
 When I say everyone was dancing, I mean everyone Not passed out outside. He can't party like a Swede. 
 Besties- and yes, apparently I have 7 necks. Not that this is news. 
 Obviously towards the end of the night...this is Robin. Sofie's twin brother. And my first boyfriend. 
 3 AM waiting for our ride- we were a little tired by this point..
 The day after the wedding I drove in Sweden for the first time. It was Also my first time driving a stick shift. Nerve wracking to say the least. 
 My favorite kind of meal. Oh how I miss Swedish cheese. And Swedish bread. And butter. And fruit soup. 
 This picture was taken around 11:30 PM from Sofies porch. It doesn't get dark at All up north during the summer. Midnight sun! SO weird to get used to! 
 Fika- Swedish pastry and blueberry soda...yumm.
 At my uncle's property. Love it here. 
 My uncle and Hubbs. 
 My uncle and 18 yr old cousin.

Tire swing outside my grandmother's where Drew proposed 2 years ago.  We were reenacting a certain picture.

Besides all the wedding stuff- which took most of thursday, friday and Saturday (the wedding was from 3pm to 3am!) we saw friends, went through my grandmas apartment and brought some stuff back, saw my uncle and 2 of my cousins, and did some seriously relaxing on S & H's amazing country porch. 

I absolutely love being back in Northern Sweden and it's a dream of mine that one day we Will own a summer house here. It's such a magical, relaxing, beautiful place. 


  1. aww man, these pics are so much fun! that's awesome that you and your friends have kept in touch and plan to do so in the future. i want some fruit soup and cheese and bread now! haha. i hope that you get to live out your dream and move back there someday :) i think you're going to make it happen no matter what! ps. getting proposed to on a tire swing?! how utterly romantic!

  2. It looks like you had a great time. So happy for you!

  3. Looks like you had a blast! What is fruit soup??

  4. your blog is really cute and i love the pics from sweden. things are so similar there and here (finland) :)

  5. the swedish wedding looks so much like the finnish ones! cute pics :) i just found your blog and it seems really nice so i think i'm gonna join in :D

  6. ohhh I've always wanted to go to Sweden! looks like such a lovely trip!