Monday, July 25, 2011

Fall? I'm ready for you.

I love all seasons equally, but fall always has a special place in my heart.

I was totally that nerd in school that Loved when school started up in the fall. The chance to see my friends and older boy crushes daily? Yes please.

But now, fall doesn't mean back to school, though soon it will once J starts up school!

But none the less I'm Ready for fall. It's been ridiculously hot here ever since we got back from Sweden. I'm talking in the 90's Every. Single. Day. I prefer high 70's in the summer. This has been ridiculous. We have to go to the park at 8 AM so we are out of the incredible heat by 10 AM. If we aren't at a pool- it's Way to hot to be out. So fall, I'm seriously ready for you.

I'm ready for candles.

And pumpkin patches.

And scarves!! (I have a slight scarf obsession)

And boots. My boot obsession might be worse than my scarf obsession.

And jeans. I love my dresses- but I love my skinnys.

And tights!! A chance to wear tights with my dresses? Love.

And non frizzy hair.

And Hot coffee. Tea. Hot chocolate.

And crunchy leaves.

Watching the leaves change in the mountains during fall? Is magical.

Last fall felt so rushed and consumed by our October wedding that it's a blur. So I'm ready for fall to be here so we can do it right this year.


  1. I LOVE the fall!! I'm ready for it too!! My birthday is in October, so that's one of my reasons for loving the fall, and let's not forget the cool weather.

  2. I was in our local Dollar Tree yesterday and they had scarecrows, pilgrims, and ceramic pumpkins everywhere. It really got me in the mood for fall! I can't wait...if only it could last year-round and not lead into winter :)

  3. Yay for non-frizzy hair (the humidity is horrible here too!). I'm looking forward to scarves, skinnies and pumpkin patches too!