Friday, July 1, 2011

8 Weeks

While I'm honeymooning in Sweden- here are some 'old school' pictures!!

 WHen Jasper was a baby- it was honestly SO much easier than now! We would go out to dinner at night all the time on Pearl Street in Boulder- he would just sit/sleep through everything! Here we are waiting for a table on a fall night. (PS I LOVE fall)
 Jasper's first time at the zoo! With one of the two boys I nannied for at the time- Yes I totally took a 3 year old, one year old and 8 week out on outings all the time- people looked at me like I was crazy.
                                          Breakfast on Pearl Street with Uncle Johan!

After a particularly long day I remember Drew taking Jasper out to give me a break and bring me coffee. And flowers.

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