Tuesday, July 26, 2011


On Friday I will be 25. This makes me a Leo. For years people will hear when my birthday and then go " oh okay, so that explains things" Apparently I have a very "Leo" personality. So I decided to look up exactly what that means.

Leo's are
Dominant- check
Strong Willed-check
Positive--try to be? ed
Independent- huge check (used to Really annoy Drew in the beginning of our relationship
Self Confident-Check
Born Leaders- ?
Uncomplicated- I'd say check
Arrogant- I hope I don't come off that way? 
Self- Centered- I really don't think I am. But I would say I used to be. 
Overbearing- maybe?
Passion for luxury- meh. I like nice shoes. But other than that I would say not really. 
lust for power-yeah probably
Dislike manual labor- big check
Sincere-definitely a check

Speculative Ventures- not Quite sure what that means?
Lavish Living- again, not So much, i like to keep things simple
Pageantry and Grandeur- i guess a little?
Children- definitely
Drama- actually not so much. But again, in my younger years? Yeah. I was a bit of a drama queen. And in fact was involved in Drama- as in high school plays. 

Doing things safely- since becoming a mom I'm ALL about the safety
Ordinary, day to day living- this used to bother me. Now? I'm all for it. While planning our next adventure. 
small minded people- major dislike. This has me pegged dead on. 
penny pinching-not a big fan.
mean spiritedness- definitely check.

So there ya have it. A Leo summed up. I would say this is me 90 percent. And the funny thing is, Jasper is a Leo as well- and I can Definitely see these personality traits showing through. 

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