Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweden Part 1: Stockholm with the girls

The first part of my two week trip to Sweden was spent in the beautiful city of Stockholm with two girls I've been friends with since I moved FROM Sweden in 4th grade.

I arrive at 7AM and took the 20 min. train to Stockholm- then I navigated the narrow old streets of Stockholm's Gamla Stan (old town) for 20 min. until finding the hostel we were staying at (FYI- pulling a 50 lb bag and 20 lb bag over cobble stone..SUCKS!) 

20 min. after arriving at the hostel we were out ready to explore. We walked around Everywhere- we spend the morning shopping and seeing a few sights. 

Pizza and wine by the water

pre gaming in the room-

3 AM heading home from the bars. 

We called it a semi easy night- 11 ish- and at this point I had been awake 36ish hours and was dead on my feet. Apparently I was stumbling and laughing a lot towards the end when we were walking back 'home.'

The next day we went to a corner grocery store and grabbed goodies for a picnic and took the first boat over to a tiny island 20 min. away- we spent a few hours relaxing- eating ice cream- sun bathing on the rocks like the swedes and attempting to take a dip in the ice cold baltic sea. After that we headed back- decided to take a quick walk (ended up into a 3 hour walk) took a quick nap and headed out.

We met up with a friend of mine who was an au pair here in Denver and just recently moved back to Stockholm. We had SUCH an amazing time out that we didnt leave till the bar closed at 3 am..and by then the sun was already completely up (it only get half dark, and only for about an hour between 1-2 AM) and I had to get up by 6:30 to catch my train up north....

More on the rest of our Swedish adventure coming! 


  1. What a gorgeous place. SO JEALOUS!

  2. FUN!!! love these pics and your outfits are too cute :) i can't believe you managed to stay up for so long after your flight! that picnic sounded delightful :)

  3. Looks like you had such a fun time. Sweden is so beautiful you're making me want to take a trip somewhere now badly! I also have major hair envy of you it's so long with perfect waves :)

  4. I love these pictures!!!! I just got back from Sweden myself my my husband, these pics make me happy :-)