Friday, July 22, 2011

The Goods

This post could also be labeled "And the reason why we had to pay $150 in extra baggage fees"

Yeah you read that right. $150 for TWO extra bags! THings have changed. When we flew home from Sweden in 2009 we had 11 pieces of luggage..for free between the 3 of us. When I flew to Sweden in January I paid  $50 to have an extra bag with me- bringing home stuff from my grandmothers apartment.  And this time we had to pay $150 for two extra bags. I think that if you are paying over $3000 for two tickets- you should be able to bring a little more than one measly 50 lb bag- because let's face it. That will barely hold my shoes (I kid- I did Really good this trip and only brought 4 pairs of shoes total)

Sadly this only covers about 1/3 of what we bought in Sweden. This doesn't count all the goods we brought back for family members that helped with J while we were gone- all the presents I already gave Jasper when I got back ( this kid is Spoiled) and stuff in Drews bags that I had to shove in because I ran out of room. Also not pictured- tons of food we brought back. I can't help it when I'm in a Swedish grocery store. Or book store. Or clothes store. Seeing a pattern here? Now on the agenda, find a DVD player that plays Swedish DVDs because the mac has decided it will no longer play DVDs.


  1. just read your comment..we live in an old brick furniture warehouse! It was our dream too! its a bit raw and the old owners had different taste in colors so eventually id like to renovate a lil bit but we LOVE it : ) we are a lot alike.

  2. thats crazy they are over charging for everything now! wow you did really good only 4 pairs of shoes for 3 weeks I'm impressed lol