Monday, June 13, 2011

Week in Iphone pictures.

 Jasper couldn't decide if he wanted a grilled cheese or PB&J so we had half of each. 

 Yes, my son watches TV. Almost every day too. Bring on the critics. 
 Have you had this yet? Magnum? My favorite ice cream in Sweden is now here! 
 Yummy breakfast sandwich- mine had bacon because I'm Not a fan of sausage but the boys are! 
 At the zoo- only animal pictures I took were of wild birds. 
 Saturday morning playdate. This little gem is right in the heart of Denver. Such a find! 
 Saturday afternoon I had something in my eye (I though) that wouldn't come out and was really bothering me- so I went to the eye doc. and Jasper was so good the whole time I had to get him some froyo
 My eye a few hours after I went to the eye doc- I have some bacterial infection. A couple of doses of eye 'roids and it's all cleared up. THANK GOD
 This is how I spent nap time. Fabulous. Both. 
 After nap we headed to the pool- it had gotten cloudy so the little man needed warmed up after he got out. 

 Low on grocery supplies Sunday evening I decided to make pasta- I didn't have time to make a real sauce, so I added some fresh basil (which I grew!) and parmesan cheese to a can of tomato sauce- tasted home made! 
This is how I spent all saturday evening- with a cold compress to my eye. That and the eye steroids made it a billion times better. 


  1. first of all, i LOVE jasper's little tv chair, so cute. also, i just love in general how you do the food posts of what you guys ate! most of all, i am SO SO SO in love with that intersection of cherry creek and the platte. i used to live right there at commons park!!! i miss it so much and love seeing your pictures all the time :) i hope your eye feels better! have a great week!!!

  2. You poor girl! Hope your eye is better in no time :)

  3. Emma watches tv, too! And she does almost every day eek lol. Your poor eye hope your feeling better! I'm also growing basil thats so funny! I wrote a post about my new plant & how excited I am to cook with it :)

  4. I want to try the magnum ice cream so bad... worth it i am guessing???? it looks SO YUMMY!