Friday, June 10, 2011

Denver Zoo- you just became so much more Awesome.

We have a membership to the zoo- we have had one for about 3 years now. We go year round, actually we go more in the spring and fall than in the summer, because honestly, who want's to walk around a zoo in 90 degree heat? Not I.

Today I decided to venture over there with the boys, now that we've moved into Denver we are like 25 blocks away- so it's a great outing. The weather was supposed to be cool and sunny, perfect for a zoo morning. It ended up getting hot after a while, which is why I'm THRILLED with their new 'exhibit'

You can't tell by the pictures show awesome this new little playground is, but they have big rocks to climb on, sand to dig in, a wooden boat, and a wading pool! Simple but oh so brilliant. Plus, after pushing almost 70 lbs worth of stroller around for an hour and a half in the sun, mamma needed a break. And bonus? It's right next to an ice cream stand...

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