Monday, June 20, 2011

Steppin out and 'Pappa's Day'

We had Such a great Sunday celebrating the pappa in our lives. We started off by Jasper waking up at 6:30 (his new thing, Not loving it) but we let Drew sleep in while we snuggled and watched a movie. Then we made Drew eggs benedict- the first time I've ever made them and I think they turned out fabulous!! (Drew agrees)

After breakfast we headed to Starbucks and the park- then Drew headed out for some frolf while J and I napped. 

The weather was perfect so we met up with our friends (another couple, one swede, one american and their two Adorable daughters) at City Park for grilling out and some live music. 

It ended up being lots of fun! The pappa's had their beer, the mamma's our wine and Jasper? His bff. 

Towards the end of the show it started sprinkling and we had a 10 min walk back to the cars so we started to leave- and thank God we did! About 3 minutes after we got in the car it started pouring- and a minute later? Dime sized hail! How much would That have hurt if we were still walking in it? Glad we didn't have to find out! 

On Jasper: Shirt Target
                 Shorts: Baby Gap
                 Shoes: Puma, Nordstroms 

On mamma (everything I'm wearing is 2+ years old)

Tank top: Forever 21 2009
Cardigan:  GinaTricot- Sweden, 2009
Shorts: Forever 21- 2006!! YEP I fit back into these bad boys for the first time in years!! I don't even know why I still have them- but I decided to try them on yesterday- and it was a tad tight but I don't care- I'm just thrilled I got them on!! 
Shoes: Sweden, 2009- LOVE these sandals still. 


  1. Looks like such a fun day! Love your sandals!

  2. I LOVE your sandals :) And Jasper's hair is SO Awesome! LOVE IT!