Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pretty please?

I entered Jasper in a little boys modeling contest on facebook- and I think it would be so so SO awesome if he would win! Right now he's pretty far behind (by like 60 votes) because I just entered him- and the contest goes till father's day- but if you have a facebook account could you PLEASE go vote? You can vote once daily till Sunday.

To vote you search for Soleil Creations page- just type it in in the search bar and the page pops up.

Then you 'like' the page at the top- and then the boy pictures will appear at the bottom. Jasper's is currently listed in the top left corner but that could change- but find his picture labeled Jasper and hit the vote box. PRETTY PLEASE and thanks so much!

If you have a contest your entered in, or top mommy blogs/baby blogs that you would like me to vote for let me know and I will GLADLY return the favor!

Thanks again so much! And my future model thanks you also :)

1 comment:

  1. voted! good luck :) Jasper should def win he is so adorable I think we should set up an arranged marriage for him & Emma lol