Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh what a weekend.

 My baby brother. I'm wearing 2-3 inch heals here. He's at Least 6'3.
 Sister in law and niece- for some reason her face is blurred out, but Annika is sweet as can be
                                            Jasper with both of his uncle's graduating.
 Why yes that is Jasper playing beer pong. But I promise you he wasn't actually drinking the beer.
                                                  All my siblings and mamma
We left Friday night right when we Drew got off work and we were out of Denver before 6 PM. We got to my moms house by 4:30 (in the morning) and crashed hard.

I always have a hard time sleeping in when I'm at my moms, though that is the only time I ever get the chance- but I would much rather enjoy the quiet morning catching up with my mamma. I'm such a mommy's girl, so living 700 miles away is hard. Some of my favorite moments when we are back is when we sit outside, drinking tea watching Jasper roam around on my moms 1 plus acres of yard. He really is a country boy at heart, though we live almost right in down town of a large city. 

Around lunch time when Drew woke up (he didn't sleep any in the car since he is the designated night time driver, my eyes are worthless in the dark) we headed in to town to his parents house to lend a hand with the prep for his brother's graduation party. (Both of our brother's graduated high school this weekend!)

We thought we would be there an hour or two, than we were supposed to head out to see some friends having a bbq before the actual party started at 5. Yeah that didn't happen. The hour or two of help turned into the Entire day, right before we headed back to change for the actual party and grab Jasper at my moms.

The party was fun, Jasper had a blast of course with all the people who wanted to see him and I enjoyed seeing old teachers etc. 

Sunday was graduation day! Jasper did surprisingly well- I think he complained less about sitting in a bleacher for 1.5 hours than my older brothers did. 

After that was my brother's party. Also a success. His was more of a fun, relaxed one, and ended with a bonfire and were all the kids ended up after their high school graduation. I remember my graduation like it was yesterday, so it was hard not getting sentimental. This is the baby of the family, and I still see him as a 5 year old, not a 6'3 18 year old. 

He is off to work with my dad in Norway this summer until he figures out what he wants to do with his life. He isn't going to college right now, but I couldn't be prouder of him. He's a great cook like the the rest of the men in my family, and he will do great things. 

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  1. What a great shot of your family! How exciting for you brother!