Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bucket List

Summer is probably my favorite season, and here in Colorado there is just so much to do outdoors as the season changes! I always try to make a bucket list for every season, so we can cram as much fun as possible.

Some of the things on our Summer 2011 bucket list

*Go to the pool at least once a week. So far we are two for two on this one!

*Find 5 new parks to frequent (there are So many parks around, but I've been lazy and we go to the same 2 almost every day)

* Go to Pirates Cover for the first time. This place looks SO much fun and it's only about 30 min from our new place.

*Go to the Denver Children's Museum on rainy days- this is only 10 min from us and we have a year pass and don't go often enough

*Go to the Cherry Creek farmer's market on weekends. We have only been once and this is only blocks from our house so we have no excuse not to go!

*White Water Rafting! I've lived in Colorado for 4 years now and have yet to go, every summer I say I'm going to, yet somehow haven't gone yet!

*Find recipes and cook more 'cold meals'. Our little house get's SO hot when the stove is one, so I really need to figure out how to cut back on using the stove. Plus- learning more recipes is always useful! (Have any to send my way??)

*Boulder reservoir! Great little beach, not many of those here in Colorado!

* BBQ more often. Self explanatory. 

*Find a splash a nearby splash park. There has got to be one around here! (We just moved to Denver from the suburbs where we had one we frequented all the time)

*Mountain camping! We are only 30 minutes from the mountain, have all the camping gear we need but have yet to take Jasper camping. I think he would Love it!

*Go to the one little beach here in Denver that I've found. It's not really a beach, but it's a great place for kids to play right in the heart of Denver, we've already gone once this summer and Jasper Loved it!

So there you have it, our Summer bucket list. Anyone have any ideas of fun kid activities to add to the list? 


  1. Do you have a crock pot/slow cooker? I avoid using my oven as much as possible when it's hot out, and can usually find all sorts of yummy crock pot recipes. You get a hot meal but it doesn't heat up the whole house!

  2. oh gosh, how fun is this list?!

    i definitely suggest camping at golden gate canyon park (in golden) we tent camped in the "aspen meadows" area (cheap!). SO awesome and a quick 20 minute drive from denver :) the views (sunsets) of the mountains are awesome at the lookout area!

    if you guys haven't been to "the shoppe" on colfax, i totally recommend it! they have story time and you can order a bowl of cereal (or cupcakes, not to promote sugar, but i used to treat myself every now and then) SO fun and a great atmosphere for kids :)

    have you guys been to cheesman park yet? i used to run around it when i lived in cap hill. the kids area is usually always in the shade! it's my favorite little park :)

    anyhoo, i hope these are places you haven't been yet and if you get me your email, i have tons of cold summer recipes from working at whole foods ;)

    i totally want to make my own list now! (and come back to denver!!!)

  3. DId you not get me email lady? It's The shoppe sounds SO awesome!! Drew ad I went camping once in golden gate but it was october and we got snowed on! ha. but summer would be perfect to go camping there!! And yes you totally need to come back to Denver :)

  4. Oh great list! Gosh we should get together, we'd have a blast heading out to some of these places! Pirates Cove rocks, first off, I have only been once before I had kids but I keep saying I need to take HL with me one of these weekends.

    And camping, hallelujah, we go camping ALL the time, although I'll admit, much harder and different story with kids... we're actually in the process of buying a 5th wheel so we can go more (because tent camping with a 1 year old and newborn sounds... well pretty much insane). We can't wait to take the 5th wheel and boat out to some of the local reservoirs (Horse Tooth, Pueblo, etc)Oh you MUST check out Jellystone campground, there are 2 I think in CO and it's AWESOME for kiddos, google it!!

    Fyi Chatfield res. (which is 2 mins from our house) has a swim beach that's pretty great if you were looking for somewhere to go. Also, the aquarium rocks but is a bit pricey, and depending on where you live a grrreeeaaattt park to add to your list (in Littleton) is Clement Park (also right down the street from us) it rocks. Anyway email me sometime if u need a playdate or more places to go!

  5. You guys are going to have a great summer. That waterpark looks amazing!