Monday, June 27, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane

That's what I'm doing RIGHT now. By the time this is posted- I will be on my way to SWEDEN for our honeymoon.

I will be spending the first 3 days in Stockholm with 2 of my besties from high school ( and jr. high and elementary school) one has spent the last year teaching English in Brussels ( sweet job huh) and the other one is flying there to join her (she's in her last year of pharmacy school) and then they are both flying to meet me in Stockholm! We have been saying since early high school that we are going to go to Europe together someday- and it's finally happening!

The next 5 days will be spent up north in Ljusdal- where I grew up, and also where I was at in January visiting my farmor (father's mother) in the hospital before she passed away in March. Sofie (best friend since preschool) is getting married to a Wonderful man. I'm so thrilled I get to be there to witness it!! (Drew will be flying in and meeting me up here, he's not coming for my first 3 days in Stockholm)

After 5 days in Ljusdal the four of us ( Me, Drew, Sofie and Henrik) will be 'honeymooning' together! We will drive south(and west i believe) to the coast of Sweden where we will take a 3 hour boat trip over to Gotland, the largest island in the Baltic Sea. Here we will spend 3 days/night camping on the beach!

After our camping trip, they will drop us off in Stockholm where we will spend the last 3 days in Stockholm, just the three of us.

It's going to be impossibly hard to be away from Jasper. I tear up every time I think about this. But I know he will be having an Amazing time in Iowa with my mom, sister, SIL, brothers and Drew's family a bit also.

See you guys when I get back!!

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  1. Have a fabulous trip!!!!! :) It's going to be wonderful! Enjoy every minute of it!! xoxo