Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My favorite Christmas present, possibly ever.

The gift of going green and organic.

**And okay maybe not Ever because I did get a golden retriever puppy one Christmas (he's now 13) and a bunny for christmas a different year...sadly to say he probably didn't even last two years. I was a bad bunny momma. **

My mom got us signed up with Melaleuca, an organic, green company that sells cleaning supplies (among other things) and is paying for the first few months of all the products we order. Soo freakin exciting. When we arrived back to CO yesterday my first shipment was waiting for me. I left Drew to unpack the car, while Jasper napped and I messed with all of my new cleaning stuff. I've already looked through the catalog deciding what I want for January's order! Seriously the gift that keeps giving.

Not only are all these good for the environment, but they are completely safe for your family, which really is the number one reason for us for wanting to go natural/organic. I mean have you ever read the ingredients on the back of a clorox container? It says in bold- HAZARDS TO HUMANS- if its hazardous to us why the hell should I use it to clean off things that my son most definitely will touch? It tells you what to do if somehow ingested- and gives a warning what Not to do if someone becomes unconscious after ingesting. Throwing this shit out Right now. I'm disappointed in myself that it's taken me this long to switch to organic cleaning supplies. The only reason I haven't before now is financial. I didn't think we should be spending $75/ month to join- but really it's not a Ton more than normal cleaning supplies and the health benefits and environment benefits outweigh the cost by a bazilion times. Oh how I'm going to love having cleaning products where I actually know what all 5 ingredients listed on the label. So refreshing!

Drew's totally on board with all of this also, even though he does call me a crunchy hippie from time to time.

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