Sunday, December 12, 2010

Steppin Out Saturday: Disney on Ice!!

Saturday Jasper and I had a day date. Or I guess it was more of a group date since two other moms ( and an aunt) joined us. Four adults and four three year olds made our way down to the Pepsi Center in Denver for Disney on Ice. It. Was. Awesome. I'm pretty sure the moms might have enjoyed it more than the kids.

Not only were our seats directly in front of the ice, we had a suite! My friend ( in the black) got the tickets from work so we got to sit in their suite. With out that I don't think our outing would have been as successful or fun. When the kids got tired of sitting they could get up and walk around a little. When they had to go to the bathroom we had to walk 10 feet behind us to our own private bathroom. When they wanted a snack, we opened the door and we were right by the concession stands. I'm now convinced sitting in a suite is the Only way to attend an event like that with three year olds.

Clearly thrilled to be sitting on my lap for 5 seconds

Jasper and his BFFs
On Mamma
Dress: Forever 21
Tights: JCREW- they make the Best, warmest tights
Boots(can't see) Steve Madden

On Jasper
Shirt: Target
Jeans: Baby GAP

After Disney on Ice we get home and napped- yes even mamma, I was TIRED. Then we got ready again and headed out to a Christmas party where I spent the night trying to avoid overly flirty middle aged men. Jasper went and hung out with a friend (the blonde in the pic.) so we were Jasper free for the evening! He had a blast with Ella and her mom (and we watched her the night before while her parents went out for dinner with friends) so it worked out Perfectly!

On Mamma
Dress: Ginatricot (purchased in Sweden)
Belt: Forever 21
Tights: Forever 21
Boots: Forever 21...can ya guess my favorite store?

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