Sunday, October 13, 2013

Food,family, photography and friends! Some of my very favorite things.

We had one of those simply amazing weekends, you know, where Sunday comes around and you get sort of depressed because you really really REALLY don't want it to be over? Yeah that amazing. But luckily, I sort of feel like our weekend isn't ending, since Jasper has tomorrow AND Tuesday off. I don't know who is more excited about that, me or him. Probably me. 

Lunch date with this little lady that now picks out her own outfits

Sometime decided they didn't like the Halloween story. She Freaked out randomly when Jasper picked up a scary mask. Poor girl. Mean parents for subjecting her to that. But we did succeed in getting some Adorable costumes for the kiddos!
She recovered enough to eat all of the black beans, salsa, and guacamole from Chipotle

And then I went and got my hair done! I haven't had it colored since high school..

After! Looks a lot more reddish in the sun!

After my haircut (where I got to read an entire magazine front to back, or actually back to front, which is the only way I can read a magazine, weird fact) I had a photo shoot in Wash Park for this gorgeous family! I'm super pleased with how they turned out!

And then this same beautiful family came for dinner! It ended up being a late night but so much fun. The kids get along great, the moms get along great, the dads get along great, it's a perfect combination! Plus, the mom is Swedish so ya know I love her!

 Playing outside after dark! 
I rediscovered my love of apple cider!

Today was more low key, hanging out, editing pictures, sipping on coffee while drew and the kiddos played right next to the office. Favorite thing about my new office (even more than my fabulous new iMac) is that it's right off the family room/play room so even in the office I can see/be apart of what's going on. 

I came home from Swedish school with the kiddos to Drew making another clean eating meal recipe. And this one guys, is Fantastic. Definitely going to become a regular here. Chicken sliders with parmesan french fries. Yep, delicious. 

Hope your fall weekend was just as fantastic as mine! 

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  1. your hair looks fabulous! And that meal looks scrumptious, ya sure it's clean? And poor tindra!