Thursday, October 24, 2013

Putting it out here to motivate myself.

Because you guys are going to hold me accountable, right? 

I keep falling off the whole couch to 5k bandwagon. I start, I get to where I can semi comfortably run 1.5 miles or so, then for whatever reason I stop. Then start back from square one. 

And the thing is, I pretty much always have legit excuses for stopping too. I was doing good this summer with working out since I had the family Y membership. But then that expired, and Jasper is in school all day, and I have H 3-4 days a week. There isn't time during the day to go to the Y. There just isn't. And going after school isn't an option either. I don't get enough time with Jasper during the day anymore, so hell no am I going to work out during the hours I actually get to spend time with him. 

So that leaves either late at night (8 or later) or super early in the morning. 

I was going for a while right at 7 just for a little jog around the neighborhood. But then, fall hit and now it's pitch black by 7. And while I live in a safe neighborhood, I'm not a fan of running alone in the dark. 

So I switched to early morning, like 6:30. But now it's dark till about 6:50 also, and I have to be back by 7 so that's a no go. Plus it's freaking COLD by 6:30 here, and while I don't mind the cold, running in the cold? Is way harder! And I don't need it to be any harder, as I still suck at running and it's hard enough for me without adding that lovely element. 

So, new plan? I bought a new double stroller/bike trailer. My other double jogging stroller is Really hard to maneuver and push. I could seriously only jog while pushing it for two minutes tops. No bueno.  So I'm going to try to run pushing the girls (T and H(girl I nanny 3-4 days a week) after we drop Jasper off at school 3 days a week at least. And lots of long walks the other days! Also, I've started a little ab challenge for myself as well. 5 minutes of planks a day (not total, yea right.) And, lastly, I bought a fit bit (measures how many steps I walk in a day) and I'm averaging 9-10K a day, but I'd like to make a weekly goal of 75 thousand steps (including my jogs) which is about 37-38 miles. So now you guys have to keep me accountable! I'll update with how it goes! 

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