Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Big girl.

I haven't done a Tindra update in a while so I think it's about time since she's almost 18 months! 

At her last check up she weighed 20 pounds 6 oz and was 31.5 inches long. 

The Ped. asked if she was saying 10+ words, and I honestly had to think for a minute and as I started to think about all the words she says, it's definitely more then 10! At 17 months she says

jasper (sort of)
harper (her bff)
wawa (water)
titta (look in swedish)
tack (thank you in swedish)
num num (food, eat)
uh oh
meme (grammy, my mom)
me (or rather me me me me when she wants something someone else has)
puppy (which she calls almost all animals)
bebe (baby)
oh no
that (as in that's mine) 
go bye bye
TeeTee (one of her nicknames and what she calls herself) 
bah bah- milk bottle
nigh nigh (night night, sleep, go to bed) 
boll (ball in Swedish) 
she (shoes, doesn't sound like shoes but it's unmistakable, it's what she means.)

That's all I can think of right now but I know there's more! She got quite the vocabulary! 

She's even started saying 2-3 word sentences like "Yeah Teetee go bye-bye" which Jasper was definitely not doing by 17 months! She uses yeah when she wants something, like 'yeah num num' means she wants to eat. Or yeah night night means she wants to go to bed. Smarty huh?

Some of her favorite things to do, play behind the curtain that's by the door, read books, climb, play in the sand box, go places (anywhere really) and jump on Jasper. She's not so much into playing with toys right now. Except rolling/throwing balls and sometimes rolling a car across the floor. She's Super obsessed with shoes. I mean, it's not hard to see where she gets it from, but I'm still surprised her shoe obsession started this early. She's only been walking 4 months! But wherever we are, if she sees shoes, she's got to see them, touch them, try to put them on. She will just walk right up to strangers, touch their feet and say "she?" like oh wow you have shoes too? It's ridiculously adorable.  I do fear for our bank account though, since her dad is 100% wrapped around her finger and is unable to say the word no to her...

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  1. What a beautiful little girl! And what a great idea to write all of this down. I have a feeling she'll love reading this one day and thinking about when she was a baby. :)

  2. She is the most adorable little girl! And so smart too!

    1. Thanks Maria! So is little M! I'm thinking, arranged marrriage?